Derivatives & Commodities


C ompetition authorities worldwide have become increasingly active.  In the US, the antitrust agencies appear to be pursuing broader theories of competitive harm in terms of merger review, single-firm conduct and agreements between commercial actors.  Companies, now more than ever before, require sophisticated advice from counsel with extensive knowledge and experience to navigate them through complex competition-related challenges and issues. The Antitrust and Competition Department has broad expertise in all competition-related areas across numerous jurisdictions. We represent clients of all sizes doing business in all manner of industries.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

We offer creative and practical solutions in jurisdictions where transactions or investigations have competition law implications, and help clients minimize risk while achieving critical business objectives.

Cartels and Government Investigations

Cartels and other strategic business conduct continue to draw the fire of regulatory agencies around the world, amplified by the increasing implementation of amnesty agreements and leniency policies protecting self-reporting parties. We regularly represent companies in claims of price-fixing, bid-rigging, customer allocation, group boycotts, monopolization, tying, exclusive dealing and price discrimination.

Antitrust Litigation

The group combines specialized knowledge and experience on the corporate side with a strong record of success on the litigation side to develop creative and efficient solutions to high-stakes disputes in proceedings and litigation worldwide. We regularly defend against class actions, investigations and transaction challenges, private litigation, as well as represent companies and senior executives in US grand jury criminal investigations and related debarment proceedings.

Risk Management and Compliance

Effective risk management programs are an essential best business practice in the current economic and regulatory climate. Our lawyers advise clients in the development and administration of risk management programs, identifying potential areas of concern and crafting remedies to prevent them from growing.